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Frequently Asked Questions

Some aspects of building a fence are pretty cut and dry - others are more unique.

For the more unique and specific ones, give us a call - but for your convenience, we've placed the most common questions below.

How long does building a fence take?

There's no one-fence-fits-all, but we finish most fences in a few days - sometimes less. A standard 150-foot backyard pine fence will likely be a 2-day project, but a commercial wrought iron with lots of intricacies could be much longer.

How much does it cost?

We get this one a lot, so we've put it here. The main variables in identifying cost are building materials, linear feet, design of the fence, and shape of the fencing. 

How quickly can you start?

We can't provide an exact time, because it depends on the season. Usually, we can get started within 1-2 weeks, whereas the industry average is 8-12 weeks. In some instances, we can start within a few days.

I want my fence to last - can you put the poles in concrete?

We want your fence to last, too! With every fence we build, we place the posts in concrete to ensure it can withstand the weather.

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